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Updated Jordan Tristan Walker Linkedin {2023} Know Here

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Let’s take a look at Jordan Tristan Walker’s LinkedIn profile, his personality and why the internet is talking about him.

Do you know the mutated coronavirus? What is this Pfizer mission? Jordon Tristan Walker is the name of the man who appears in all of this. It is also worth watching the video. How did Canadians and Americans react to the news?

Jordan Tristan Walker has all the details in this LinkedIn post.

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On January 25, 2023, the Veritas Project released a video of one of its journalists talking to Jordon Truston Walker. The surprising revelations during the discussion are astonishing. Jordon Trishton is director of research and development at Walker Pfizer. Project Veritas learned this when asked about plans to develop a vaccine against the strain. In Tristan Walker’s video, Jordan tells reporters that his company is trying to “reverse COVID-19 through directed evolution.”

Was there anything else in the video?

The video lasts about 10 minutes and shows an undercover reporter discussing Pfizer’s plan to silence the virus. Walker’s reaction was unexpected. Jordan Walker’s response suggests that Pfizer’s internal discussions include the possibility of producing a publicly available antivirus.

Jordan Tristan Walker said Pfizer would first infect monkeys with the virus and then administer them. This allows them to collect copies by infecting each other. They can then pass it on to other monkeys and actively mutate after infection.

Jordan Trishton Walker:

Also known as Jordan Tristan Walker or Jordan Walker, Joran Tristan Le Walker, TrishtonLe etc.

He received his medical education at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He also has a BA from Yale University.

Since October 2019, he is Director of Strategic Operations for Scientific Initiatives at Pfizer R&D and mRNA.

Does Jordan have Tristan Walker LinkedIn?

Your LinkedIn and other social media accounts have been deleted.

Project Veritas:

Projeto Veritas, a non-profit journalistic organization, was founded in 2010. Its purpose is to condemn corruption in public and private institutions and to fight for public transparency. James O’Keefe founded it as a registered 501(c)3 organization. click here


A shocking video of Pfizer’s Chief Research Officer discussing the company’s COVID-19 recovery plan has gone viral. The viral video has been viewed 26 million times on social media. Project Veritas has unique innovations.

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