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legend of fukuda

Author: Jing Wuhen, 净无痕

Translator: Yeouibang Studio

Publisher: Yeouibo Studios

Related Name: 伏天氏

Summary of Fukuda Legends

During the chaos in the East Sea, Emperor Ye Qing and the great Dong Huang seemed to have saved the day. Under his rule, the prefecture was unified and all nations and their kings were restrained. However, the legend of these two great heroes changes when Emperor Yejing’s name is expunged from the history books after his sudden death. All statues and statues were destroyed and his name was banned. Only the legend of the Great East survives.

Fifteen years later, a young man named Hakuda sets out on a journey to find out who he is. The legend of Fukuda will live on in the history books.

hero of fukuda legend



He had a sharp face and eyes as bright and deep as the night sky. At 15, his only handicap was his thin frame. In a few years he will surely be an attractive man. After Hua Jieyu’s death, her hair color changes from black to silver.


Proud, full of confidence and humble.

Beneath his playful demeanor was a pure heart. After three years of humiliation, any normal person would be angry, but still he was cheerful and shone like the sun. More importantly, he seems to be playing the game, but he’s really committing to love.


His story is mysterious. He lived in Kinshu all his life, but after gossip, his family disappeared, and the gapper who raised him also disappeared. Later, Ye Hutian sees an unknown old man in Donghai City rescuing him from his pursuers. He called him ‘Young Master’. Some characters in the novel speculate that he may be a descendant of Emperor Yejing. Also, little is known about the actual history of Fut Futya.

Whoa’s Milk

Hua Jieyu sacrifices her own life to protect Ye Futian. [1] The spirit of Hua Jieyu has not yet left. It is confirmed that he can be resurrected. [2]


Hua Jieyu’s face is very beautiful, so when she gets older, she will definitely be called “Helen of Troy”.

He is alive but bound to Brahmer’s pure heavenly women. Fukuda appeared twice as her shadow[3] to show that she was alive, only to have her taken to Kami-ten, the home of Gami-ten’s wife (they don’t want to comment on the Fukuda-hwa prison).

Brahma Lady Pure Haven built her body around her soul. This remains as a vessel for Brahma Pure Haven to nurture her Fire Orb body and take her final step beyond her Yin-Hwang, but her Fire Jade Spirit does not forget the life she spent with her. . did. It’s Fukuda. Jieyu and Brahma’s Lady of Pure Sky argued that if Jiieyu wins, Lady becomes him, and if Lady wins, Jieyu will take [4].


1 recovery plan

1st to 9th

2 glory levels 1-9 stars

3 laws 1 to 9 degrees

4 Arcana Levels 1 – 9 Degrees

5 vs. Noble 9 – 1 class

6 Sage Flying Sage

7 Divine Dimensions Prove Your Divinity

true self planning

perfect holiness

Legendary Airplane / Holly Nilvana

8 Inhwang Ha’s Blueprint 1st Level 3 Divine Wheel When the first Divine Wheel is launched, the range is 「Long」. Shinryun is reproduced in the middle and upper limits. This iteration of the Divine Wheel is better than the previous Divine Wheel, but generally inferior. This means that completely new cars are very rare.

April 4-6 Chitori New Car

7th up 7th – 9th place Chidori Shinryun

nine emperors

10 Great Emperors

The description of Recovery Legend

If War in Heaven and Improvement School students are “used” to cheat and others have fallen out of favor and similar stories are being seen now (but school goddesses/super beauties still think about it) then this is what you should read . Obvious MCs, MCs training to get stronger, girls who blatantly talk about MCs and follow the methods of others who curse MCs like frogs eating swan meat. Rather, cultivation and use are more advanced than traditional harvest notes (similar to the magic system). As the statistician said, it’s a new sequel, so it doesn’t have many chapters, so it remains to be seen if it will end well (or if it will end with something like Marial Peak and Peerless Martial God).
New content already translated here by the author of AGM (Ancient Monarch Dieu). It’s a 9.4 on IQ so I’m looking forward to reading your new book.
Legend of Futian…. Legend Of Liantian is the first web novel I’ve read and I think it’s better than Coiled Dragon so I hope it’s like AGM. Add some comedy and it’s like LOHP.

The true chapter of the Futian legend

1908. Episode 1905: Master Carver Is A Little Grumpy

1907. Episode 1904 Demon Slayer

1906. Chapter 1903 Creation of Serpents

1905. Chapter 1902 Dead Island

1904. Chapter 1901 Plants

1903. 1900 Xiao Mu

1902. Chapter 1899 Holy Land and Island

1901. Part 1898 Hidden but unreported

1900. Episode 1897 Flowers and Trees Move


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