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Surf the Web Anonymously, Tips to Keep You Safe While Browsing the Internet

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Online anonymity is an increasing worry as we learn of increasing data breaches and the number of companies monitoring our activities and information online. When browsing online it is possible to give your personal information and other preferences with third-party businesses without realizing it.

This article will discuss anonymity online and the various ways to keep your identity private online, for instance making use of an site proxy such as an US proxy or a private browser.

This article will discuss the following issues that pertain to anonymity online:

  • What are the ways you can be identified on the internet?
  • What is the reason you are being followed?
  • Methods to remain anonymous

How Do You Get tracked online?


The most popular method of tracking online occurs via the IP address you use. Every website you browse or use for a long period of time is able to track your actions on the website through an IP address. The IP address you use is an unique identification number assigned for your particular network through your internet service provider. Every network has exactly the same address which is the way businesses, websites, and apps can track the users who use their platforms. This is also the way they can determine the time you’re spending on different websites. Another way they track you is to store the cookies that are stored on your computer. Although they are designed to enhance your browsing experience but some are also used to track your actions when you leave the site.

IP tracking could give these websites a wealth of personal data about you. Your IP address is already sharing certain of your information with the site including your name, your browser’s the version of your OS, and other details about your device. Cookies that track you, provide additional information by providing your browsing history, including websites you visited and the time you spent there. If you have your GPS enabled on your smartphone (which is also connected with your Internet Protocol address) apps and websites may follow your location to determine the places you go to shop or restaurants you frequent and even where you stay the night. All of this can be turned into an extremely precise and terrifying account of your daily life.

Why are You Being Monitored?

One of the primary motives that websites and businesses keep track of you is to market. The more data they can get about you, the more easy they can make targeted advertisements. If companies know the kind of websites you go to and the places you spend the majority of your time on the internet, they can make use of this information to design personalized ads that stand a greater chance of being successful in converting into an actual sale. This information is so vital for businesses that they’re even willing to spend money to acquire it.

However, there are others who could monitor you in order to gather more details about you, for criminal motives. It could be identity theft, the theft of passwords for logins, or the launch of ransomware, phishing, or other threats.

Ways To Stay Anonymous Online

Privacy online is vitally important. No one wants their personal data and personal information floating around and then ending up in the wrong hands. So , how do you safeguard your online privacy? There are some things that do not require you to be off the grid. However, it requires being more conscious of your use of the internet and the information you publish. Let’s take a look at some methods to remain anonymous on the internet.

A2P P2P Sharing of IP

Since the majority of us are traced by your IP address a method to remain safe online has become quite well-known can be P2P (peer-to-peer) IP sharing. In this kind of network, the users are able to share IP addresses and utilize the other’s devices to act as proxy. The users of the P2P network are pseudonymous by default. Because the IPs’ users are constantly changing, tracking is virtually impossible and any data that is gathered will be incomplete and inaccessible. It is now so common that some companies offer users the option of paying to be part of a P2P-based network. But, doing this solely for money and depending on other companies might not be the most effective way to establish a secure P2P networking network.


Proxies are a great alternative because they disguise your IP address by hiding it behind one that is their own. There are many kinds of proxies you are able to choose from. You could, for instance, choose to completely turn trackers away by using a specific proxy for your location like one that is a US proxy or China proxy or a China. An US proxy can be described as a residential proxy which means it is a residential proxy, meaning that all the IP addresses within this pool are actually from devices that are located within the US. Utilizing one of them will appear to be using the internet within the US even though you’re elsewhere in the world. You can also make use of these proxies to get around geo-restrictions.

Tor Browser

A lot of browsers claim to be secure or offer versions they claim do not track your browsing. But, they maintain a record of your internet activity. This Tor browser is the best choice to ensure you have complete privacy online while surfing. It’s a totally private internet that was designed to allow users to use certain websites or to express their opinions due to the laws of their respective countries. Tor browser was designed to provide users with a means to surf the web without being monitored, without records being stored, and allow users to circumvent certain restrictions on geo-location. If you’re worried about your privacy online You should try Tor browser a go.

Last Thoughts

Online privacy is a growing worry, and for reasons that are legitimate. It’s difficult to be secure as both businesses and individuals track your online activities to earn extra cash. If you take couple of measures, like using a proxy or Tor browser, and being cautious regarding what information you disclose online, you can begin making sure that your online privacy is protected.


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