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Public Storm Warning #1 Signal {Sep} Know Relevant Details Here!

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In this article, storm warning alert #1 is issued; read on.

Interested in the latest information on tropical storm hazards, you’ve come to the right place. The official name of the cyclone is Tropical Storm Rye. Known as Odette, she gradually grew stronger.

Philippines and America are familiar with Tropical Cyclone and Public Storm Warning Sign #1 and its effects. To see all the information, watch the full episode below.

Overview of storm warning signs

Public storm warning signs are distributed to raise awareness and warn people of impending weather disturbances. Signal numbers are assigned to areas based on strength, direction of displacement, storm speed, and many other variables.

General typhoon warning signs are modified or reduced depending on the path of the typhoon passing through the PAR (Philippine Area of ​​Responsibility in the Philippines). Common Storm Warnings #1 Before we get into the signals, let’s take a look at the various warning signs for the general public.

official time alarm system

See the table below to learn more about the different warning signs, their delivery times and their impact on your environment.

General storm signal Time in hours Wind is in KMPH Wind influence

#1 36 30-60 Light without damage
#2 24 61-120 Medium for light effects
#3 18 121-170 Medium to high impact
#4 12 171-220 very high damage for very high damage
#5 12 > 220 very high and widespread effect
#1 Public Storm Warning Sign
30-60 km/h Wind can blow for 36 hours at sea.
Wave heights of 1.25m to 4.0m are expected.
periodic rain is expected.


Minimal or minimal damage is expected in high-risk installations.
For low risk structures with moderate to light damage.
Houses built with lighter materials can break.
The banana plant is leaning and the leaves are damaged.
The branches of small trees were crushed or broken.
During flowering, rice plants can be damaged.

Preventive measures

As PAGASA reports, it is better to pay attention to the latest weather forecast every 6 hours.
As with any business, you can manage it.

The latest news on the Internet. Storm Warning Sign No. 1

According to the source, the signal number by Odette. Second weather disturbance from storm to hurricane at 8am this morning. According to PAGASA (The Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical, Atmospheric and Astronomical Service Administration), the latest announcement shows that the maximum wind speed supported by Rai has increased from 110 km/h to 120 km/h. The typhoon is expected to strengthen during the night of December 16.

Signal 1 area is limited

South Romblon
Eastern Samar
Leyte Island
North Zamboanga
Eastern Misami


Based on our research, PAGASA warnings generally indicate that tropical cyclones are still moving. As storms change in intensity, the magnitude and speed of public storm warning signals will change.

So, Storm Warning Sign #1 Is this helpful? The eastern region of Surigao del Norte and Surigao del Sur is the origin area of ​​Signal 2. We have also analyzed and collected this information from internet sources and recommend further investigation. Learn more about it.

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