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Pocket Hunting aspect data

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Elective: 随身带个狩猎空间

Author(s): Blue Sky Magma Downpour

Genre(s): Xuanhuan

Rundown of aspects of pocket hunting

Lu Ze was moved to interstellar time 2,000 years after the fact.

The past proprietor of this body had a pigeon mother and a sweet sister. In spite of the fact that his development capacity was customary, his life was great. One might say that the fantasy has started. Lu Ella was exceptionally blissful.

In any case, when he awakened, he came to an unusual spot.

He nearly went out to attempt to kill a three-foot-long white hare. In the wake of shooting hard, Lu Zi thought that it is’ not unreasonably simple.

In the wake of killing the creatures in this aspect, he would get a few circles that could be utilized for development.

This will make him an everlasting man.

However, is it conceivable to expect to control the universe and immunity?

Pocket Hunting Aspect (WN) is another assortment that traverses activity, experience and activity. Composed by the creator Blue Sky Washing Precipitation. 569 parts have been interpreted and more sections are being deciphered.

Estimation highlights of the sack chase.

light ze

Lu Zi has moved from the Earth Age quite a while back to the future when individuals began cultivating after a conflict with different races of the world.

In his longing to arrive at a more significant level as a military craftsman, Leader Lu developed Zi constantly, driving Qi off course and causing his passing.

Lu Ze’s family can do great business on account of the apparel organization established by her folks. They have no cash and can treat their bodies with creature meat, and they live in a three-story working with a huge nursery and a 300-square-meter practice region solely for Lu Ze and Lu Li. His folks thought that he is in the “Shishui Backwoods” on the edges of town from Changyang and took on him.

Lu Ze could one day enter the Pocket Hunting Aspect.

Inside runtime: 1 day + or til’ the very end

increment with development

Qiuyue Hesha is Lu Ze’s most memorable spouse to go hunting with (she is likewise quick to take the young lady Lu Ze with her, so Lu Ze figures he can favor her thus).

I get it

The sister of the hero Lu Zi. He is more competent than the first Lu Ze. Being a 7th grade military craftsman. His creative ability was at first in view of “information”.

Lu Zi thought it was dark when they cut it. At school, he is a respectful, capable, scholastic and athletic understudy. She is a dutiful young lady to instructors and a model young lady to different guardians.

As Sado Dere (somebody who likes to play with the sensations of those he thinks often about), Lu Li’s side generally includes his supportive sibling Lu Ze, whom he cherishes.

He’s a terrible cook.

Composing rarely when his sibling prods and insults him, behind his own room entryway he blows up with delight and satisfaction like a Tundere generalization.

awful brain

Dead beasts will respawn inevitably. Undead beasts can continuously get greater.


The principal story to be aware. You are at the lower part of the pecking order in the Pocket Hunting Aspect.

He is three feet tall and has crimson eyes and lines of sharp teeth.

He been able to battle Luo Zi for north of 100 rounds prior to being killed. Lu Ze was in the fourth degree of combative techniques at that point.

What remains are a few red organic products that emit a weak gleam.

They are generally tracked down in little gatherings or exclusively, however assemble in hare tunnels.

There were numerous varieties as extensive as the green wolf he experienced previously, yet Lu Zi could kill them all in the event that he had level eight military craftsman strength. “Huge” bunnies depend on an enormous round purple natural product.

green trees

A big green bear, six feet tall. His hair and eyes are pure fiery green. Can use Wind Elemental God Art.

The first realm of Light was stronger than the second realm of spiritual warfare. Four glowing red cones, two burlap-sized purple spheres, and the sky god released an artificial sphere.

the golden eagle

With a wingspan of more than three meters, Lu Jie was the first to notice.

red red

The 2-meter red lion can use four basic divine tactics.

the black dog

It is six feet tall and is usually thrown with the ball. Elephants can kill sheep.

interesting dogs

She is six feet tall and wears thin black clothing. He may look like the black cats of old. They left and found Lu Ze in a hole bigger than a rabbit hole. With the help of mind power, they can shoot black energy balls from their mouths.

Its strength exceeds that of a Class IX fighter.


30 cm long, you can use your common sense. He released five purple spheres the size of passion fruit.

the black dragon

Western black dragon with three wings and three claws. As the phone flies through the first part of the chase, one of the wingtips can cause a gust of wind. Lu Ji wanted to feel his heart break. The dragon is miles long.

The last part of trying to attack the pocket

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601. Chapter 598 Much wine must be drunk

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598. Section 595 This beauty test is not good

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