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Nikita Dragun Jail {Update} Get What Happened To The Mugshot Incident?

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This Nikita Drakona imprisonment story reveals some shocking facts about the YouTuber/social media user.

Why did everyone celebrate Nikita’s arrest? People all over the world celebrated the arrest of nefarious YouTuber Nikita.

After a string of bizarre crimes, Nikita Dragon is arrested and people celebrate his arrest. Read this post to learn about the charges against Nikita Draken and the circumstances leading up to his arrest.

Is it because of Nikita Drakon?

YouTuber Nikita Dragon has been accused of throwing a water bottle at a police officer. Nikita Dragon has been charged with ‘disturbing the peace’ at a Miami Beach hotel.

Dragon’s office did not respond to press inquiries. His net worth is around $3 million. It is said that a 26-year-old man was arrested by the staff of Goodtime Hotel. They left on Monday, November 7th

What happened to the waves?

The agency received a statement from the Miami Beach Police Department in response to complaints about tourists.

According to police, Nikita Nguyen (real name Nikita Nguyen) has been loitering around the pool exhibiting old behavior.

Who is Nikita Drakon?

Nikita loved real photography, but her outspoken comments about transgender people made her a famous fashion blogger. This is not a superficial story, due to a controversial celebration in June 2020 when California’s COVID-19 cases peaked.

Dragon debuted on YouTube in 2014. He has over 300 million views on YouTube, over 3 million subscribers, and over 9 million followers on Instagram. This is why dragons have become one of the most popular faces in the beauty industry.


We do not tolerate unprofessional or inappropriate behavior. I am here to report an incident.


26-year-old Nikita Draconi was recently accused of police misconduct on social media including Twitter. Click here to view a widely shared activist video.

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