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Twitter Minx Twitch keeps you up to date with the Streamer Awards after-party and other interesting content.

Have you ever heard of JustaMinx? What does JustaMinx do? How did he get into this conflict? Can JustaMinx accept our apology?

Readers should not be confused. People talk about the most controversial news in America.

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The recent JustaMinx (popular Twitch streamer) Streamer Awards party drew people from all over the world. People started sharing this controversy on all social platforms including Twitter.

After the incident, party organizer QTCinderella (Blair) attacked JustaMinx on Twitter. He tweeted that he remembers that people were unhappy that he and his party had to be shut down. His rights to JustaMinx also cost him $50,000. Here you will find links to social media posts.

Minx Twitch wants to ruin the party.

JustaMinx is famous for crashing the Streamer Awards afterparty. The party host, QTCinderella, took to Twitter to denounce the attacker and share a screenshot (attached). Justa Minx drank too much and started crying and disturbing others at parties.

Dexerto posts a Cinderella video to QTC and explains the reason for his later departure.

Learn more about the JustaMinx series!

There are no parents.
Brother – Eva (Sister)
no children

Is JastaMinx Married?

According to sources, JustaMinx is single. Details about his personal life are unknown.

Check out the wiki!

Here is the Instagram link we use to provide JustaMinx content to our followers on a daily basis. The following article also talks about JustaMinx’s personal life.


  • Her real name is Rebekah.
  • Becky’s name, Minx.
  • Distribution of works in social networks.
  • Date of birth: 03/11/1996
  • Ireland is my home
  • The partner’s name is not specified.
  • single couple
  • Constellation Scorpio.
  • 26 years

Learn about your race!

  • Nationality – Irish.
  • Absence – Unknown.
  • Religion is not mentioned.

JustaMinx training and more!

  • no school
  • the university does not exist.
  • Education – educated
  • Day. JustaMinx is a social media superstar with a massive following on YouTube, Twitch,
  • Tiktok and Instagram.

Check Minx’s body stats.

  • Weight – 60 kg.
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Hair color – blond
  • Eye color – dark brown


JustaMinx apologized for the error and agreed to pay damages to QTCinderella. For more information, see the video of QTC Cinderella’s speech.

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