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Futian Legends

Author: Jing Wuhen, 净无痕

Translation: Studio Niue Bo

Publisher: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Participants name: 伏天氏

Brief description of the Futian tradition

In the great turmoil of the Western Sky Sea, Emperor Ye Qing and Donghuang the Great seemed to save the day. The state under their rule was united, and it ruled over all nations and their kings. However, the legend of these two heroes changed when they were removed from the history books after the death of Emperor Yi Jing. All idols and idols were destroyed, and the name was forbidden. Only the story of Great Dunhuang will live on.

Fifteen years later, a young man named Futian begins his journey to find his true self. The legend of Futian should be one of the history books.

Futian mythology characters

Yes Futian


He has a sharp face, and his eyes are as clear as the dark and deep sky. At fifteen, the only problem was his weight. He will be handsome in a few years. After Hua Jiu’s death, her hair color changed from black to silver.


Proud, confident and humble.

At the root of his playful nature is a pure heart. After three years of criticism, everyone will be angry, but they are still happy and bright. Yuu also gets along with Sheng, who is immediately shown to be very loyal. Most importantly, he looks playful but really cares about love.


Its origin remains a mystery. He lived in Qinzhou for the rest of his life, but after the herd, his family disappeared, and even his god who taught him disappeared. Later, we saw an old man who didn’t know how to save Ye Futian from his followers in Donghai. He was dubbed “The Servant Lord”. Some characters in the novel suggest that he may be a descendant of Emperor Yi Jing. Also, not much is known about Yi Futian’s history.

Written by Hua Ji

Hua Jiu sacrificed her life to protect Ye Futian. [1] Hua Jiu’s divine soul had not disappeared yet. It has been recognized as having healing powers. [2].


Hua Jieyu’s face is very beautiful. When she grows up, she will be called “Helen of Troy”.

He lived, but was captured by the wife of God Brahma, who did not allow him. Futian appears twice as a shadow[3] but tells Futian that he is alive and has been taken to Brahma Heaven, where Brahma Heaven’s wife lives (they don’t want to tell Futian about Hua Ji).

Lord Brahma of Pure Heaven created Hua Jiu’s body around his soul, which is also the vessel of Brahma Pure Heaven, to achieve his success and pass through Renhuang, but Hua Jiu was against him and forgot the life of his soul. Yes Futian. Jieyu argues with the Brahma wife of the clear sky that if Jieyu wins, the wife will be his, and if the wife wins, she will leave Jieyu [4].


1 morning time

1-9 aircraft types

2 energy flows from 1 to 9 stars

3 goals 1-9 positions

4 plane arcana 1-9 degrees

5 bright level 9 – 1 degree

6 The wise shepherd

7 levels of holiness show your holiness

Prepare yourself

Be holy

Legendary Journey / Pure Nirvana

8 Renting Renhuang Level 1 3 Divine Wheel When the first divine wheel comes, the range is “long”. Upper or middle and upper wheel. This iteration of the Celestial Wheel is great, but often worse than the previous Celestial Wheel. This means that the perfect bike from the top is rare.


between 4. -6. Heaven’s wheel

Over 7 square feet of star wheel

9 God’s kingdom

10 God

Description of Futian Legend

If you like War in Heaven and similar stories that prep schoolers “use” as strategies, sometimes losing their grace and sight naturally (but the school goddess/supercute still thinks about it), then you should read this one . This makes the usual MC imagery predictable: the MC works to gain strength, the girls call the MC rude, and the others criticize the MC as delicious pigeon and goose meat. In any case, the techniques and methods of cultivation predate the traditional harvest tones (such as magic). As the statistician said, not many chapters have been released since this is a new sequel, so remains to be seen if it will end well (or something like Marial Peak and Peerless Martial God).
Author of the Old Divine King’s Newsletter (AGM), already translated here. Rating about 9.4 on IQ so looking forward to reading your new book.
The Legend of Liantian… The Legend of Liantian. I hope you enjoy AGM because it’s the first web book I’ve read and I think it’s better than Coiled Dragon. If they added some comedy it might be like LOHP

The true chapter of the Futien legend

1908. Chapter 1905 Mr. Carver is a little crazy

1907. Chapter 1904 Demon Slayer

1906. Section 1903 Catching Snakes

1905. Chapter 1902 Dead Island

1904. Chapter 1901 Plants

1903. Chapter 1900 Xiao Mo

1902. Chapter 1899 Isle of the Holy Land

1901. Section 1898 Concealment but no disclosure

1900. Chapter 1897 flowers and trees removed

1899. Chapter 1896 Flowers

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