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JustPlay App Review {2023} Read The Full Review!

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Welcome to my JustPlay application survey!

Presently I see many individuals suggesting a prizes application called JustPlay.

It pays you at regular intervals to download and play new games on your Android telephone or tablet!

You can likewise give your income to battle hunger, battle environmental change and backing Specialists Without Lines.

We as a whole realize that play store is loaded with counterfeit betting games and applications which don’t satisfy the necessities of individuals.

They will show you numerous recordings however you will not get any cash eventually! So I figured it would be really smart to attempt JustPlay and check whether this application is worth the effort.

Only legitimate to play? On the off chance that indeed, how much cash could you at any point procure? Peruse on for every one of the subtleties!

JustPlay Application Survey

Name: Simply joking
Engineer: JustPlay GmbH
Accessibility: Around the world
Cost: Free (no buy required)
The lowest pay permitted by law: N/A
By and large appraising: 4/5

Exactly what is the game?

JustPlay is an Android application that pays you to mess around on your Android gadget.

The German organization says you can bring in cash like clockwork regardless of the amount you procure.

This prizes model separates JustPlay from contenders like MistPlay and PlaySmart!

This is extraordinary in light of the fact that you don’t need to meet a base payout limit to get the reward.

JustPlay has been introduced a portion of multiple times however doesn’t work in all nations. So check Google Play and check whether the application is accessible in your space. On the off chance that you don’t see it, it doesn’t exist.

How in all actuality does Simply Play work?

Introduce it

JustPlay is just accessible for Android. There is an iOS application with a similar name, however it’s an alternate application.

After you turn on JustPlay, you want to turn on use following so the organization can follow the time you spend on each game.

Dissimilar to many prizes applications, you don’t have to make a record before you can begin playing by signing into the dashboard.

How much cash might you at any point acquire?

As you definitely know, JustPlay has unlimited authority over how much cash you procure each day, yet I have seen comparative example surveys on Google Play.

Many individuals report making around $1.50 the principal day subsequent to arriving at their objective. Be that as it may, before very long, the award cash was diminished to pennies.

Certain individuals say they procure $3 to $4 per day. So it depends!

You can hope to make more than $10 the primary week, however presumably under $5 the next week.

Benefits and Weaknesses


Deduct at regular intervals until the objective is reached.
There is no installment limit while recovering Amazon gift vouchers at Walmart.


The prize framework is arbitrary. There is no decent transformation rate, so no one can tell how much cash you will make.
The interactivity is straightforward and certain individuals will think that it is exhausting.
Some make botches while pulling out cash.
There aren’t many games.


JustPlay is a genuine installment application! I have gotten a ton of positive criticism from clients who are glad to play on Google Play for a couple of bucks.

The application is exceptional in that you can pull out any sum like clockwork.

So to print through PayPal, Target or Google Play, simply trust that the equilibrium will pay off.

Tragically, the prize framework is arbitrary and doesn’t permit you to anticipate how much cash you will acquire.

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