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Is Kemil Shop Scam Or Legit {Oct 2022} Check Reviews Here

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This Perfect Look Strike for Legit article provides detailed information about legit sites. Beware of lying men.

The world is obsessed with power. Have you ever thought about buying an electronic device that meets your needs? Kemil.biz is an online store serving customers in Asian countries. Kemil.biz claims to offer its customers high quality products. Before signing a purchase agreement, you can ask the following questions:

Very important

  • Expiration date: This page is only available for one month. (Updated September 4, 2022)
  • Alexa Rank Alexa Rank: The Alexa Rank for this website is 3552998.
  • Web Trust Score: The website has a trust score of 1.1%.
  • Social Media Links: Join Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.
  • Content migration: This portal is not available in the United States. That piece.
  • Customer research: There is no box on the market with customer reviews.
  • Address Requirements There is only one business address.
  • Refuse to change plans. There are no rules on this site.

Read Kim’s comment and check it out.

Information about us
Kemil.biz is an online resource for electronic devices. These products include:

  • Treatment by rubbing
  • Zoom magnification
  • Lighting can be used.
  • Change your position.


  • Address: https://kemil.biz/
  • This email address is:
  • Tel: +91 9904954289 Area
  • Responsible for: Kamiel. 205-206-207, Nagdevi Road, Mumbai 400003, Plot, India.
  • Shipping & Handling Policy Transportation & Handling Policy: The price is Rs. and 79. The delivery time is 7 days, but the delivery time depends on the carrier’s service.
  • Payment options: PayTM, Payu, Compass and any secured credit card.

Application results

  • Since it is linked, the site has been tested for usability criteria.


  • No customer data is registered in the store.

An extensive search.

Kemil.biz is an online portal for home furnishings manufacturers. The company ensures that high-quality products are delivered to the customer quickly. Outside of these services, the website has no access to customer information. This website does not accept customer comments about purchases. Do your research before you buy. Visit this page to learn more about MasterCard scams.


The website is legal. The site has only been built for a month and reliability is low. Learn more about verification We recommend that you visit the following sites before reading this article. Is Kamil a scammer or does he look legit?

what does this mean See below.

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