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Is Columbia Employee Scam or Legit {Oct 2022} The Details Here!

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Scroll down to learn more about legal fraud committed by Columbia employees.

Do you want to buy attractive clothes online at affordable prices? Do you like to shop online? Then I got a description of an online shopping site.

Online shopping is a popular trend in both Canada and the United States.

This article is about a Colombian official. But first, let’s see if Columbia employees are scammers or legitimate employees.

A true gateway for Columbia employees

Registration date: This portal was created on May 4. This portal is outdated.
Expiration date: Portal expires on May 5
Trust rating: This site has a trust rating of 96%.
Confidence Scale: The confidence scale in this domain is 100%.
Owner information: The WHOIS contains all information about the owner.
consumer reviews
Alexa Rank: The site’s Alexa ranking is 17,188.
All this says a lot about the site. Now let’s look at the portal.

Consumer aspects of Colombia: data from the portal

The site offers a wide selection of children’s, men’s and women’s clothing. Check the details to check the portal.

These functions work

Portal Type: Online Shopping Website
Portal address: https://www.columbia.com/
Contact person: (800) 622-6953
Return Policy: Products can be returned in original condition within 60 days of purchase.
Delivery Policy: The portal usually processes orders for in-stock products within 3 business days.
Return Policy: Products can be returned, but shipping charges will apply.
Payment Type: None Question: Is the fraudulent employee Columbia or legitimate?
Social Media Links: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok

consumer Reviews

The portal’s official website shows mixed reactions to the product. Some items are cheaper. Some items are rated well, while others are rated average.

The portal has a rating of 1.4 out of 5 on external review sites. This is the low point. See this link to learn how to get your money back from a PayPal scam.

The last words

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You will also learn how to avoid online scams and how to protect yourself from credit card fraud. Was this article helpful? Description

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