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Is Cake-lust Scam Or Legit {Oct} Read The Reviews Here!

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Read the individual reviews to see if CakeCrazy is a scam or legit. Learn more about your options and legalities and check customer reviews.

In the United States or Canada, consumer goods and furniture are only available in certain locations. Many sites charge a hefty fee for customization. As the day approaches, people want to buy competing products. Then Thanksgiving approaches and racing season begins.

I recommend reading Kekelas.com reviews to see if it is a scam or legit.

Is it legal to crave cake?

  • 23 2022 is the official shooting date for the cake craze in Arizona.
  • Bad 1 Chronicles has a trust score. Maybe Cake-Lust.com is a scam.
  • This is 14.7% below the hierarchical level of the business.
  • This website received a 3/100.
  • IP is protected by an SSL voice certificate valid for 75 days.
  • The site has scores of 38, 72 threats, 62 phishing, 72 malware, and 53 spam.
  • Registration for Cake Sauce closes on the 23rd
  • Accepts PayPal and all major credit and debit cards for dollar payments.

Shortcake Passion Review

Cake hosts sell used items very cheaply. In addition, there are great discounts and special competitive offers. His mission is to enrich your life to the fullest with quality products. Site views are shared and retrieved from multiple alternative sites.

Cake Passion can become a new website on the web in just 4 months and 26 days. Cake Hobby sells furniture and used items.

Passion Cake Sale:

A baby blanket with a special name
Nice themed pajamas
Women’s Day Holiday 99 and.
The holiday season marks the 500th anniversary of the holiday


  • Shop https://www.cake-lust.com for competition themed merchandise.
  • Support@cake-lust.com is my business email account.
  • Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy grew out of our passion for cake.
  • According to reviews from cake lovers, the process took a day.
  • Standard delivery takes 12-20 business days. Delivery takes 7-12 business days.
  • Prices range from $5.99 to $30.00 depending on condition.
  • Cake-Host accepts returns within 14 days.


  • Seeing donuts doesn’t do much other than get big discounts.


  • Watching the repayment period is unrealistic
  • Unknown address and signature
  • Big discount up to 5 pieces

Consumer Reviews:

12 reviews posted on cake-lust.com indicates a scam. There are no customer reviews or videos anywhere on the web. Cake-Host has an average Alexa rating of 674,335 for PayPal Server Knowledge and Online Fraud Avoidance.


Cake Last Scam or Legal? According to the reviews, this is an illegal nursing website. Spam, phishing, malware threats, and less suspicious profiles threaten users’ data and device security. Cake-Lust.com is widely trusted, with attorney and business ratings and Alexa ratings. I do not endorse Cake-Lust.com. Cake-Host accepts credit cards. See MasterCard Diddle for more information.

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