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Is Bioyua .com Scam Or Legit (October) Full Review!

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Want to know more about Bioyua? As a result of our analysis of Bioyu, we can offer a solution. Let’s see if Bioyua.com is a scam site or legit.

Put it in place

The domain name is Bioyua.com
The site is called Bioyua
Email to: service@bioyua.com
Parents’ address and name: Gino IV Location Henri de Touraine 66000 Perpignan France
Online content: Additional information and information
Product: Cargo Jeans, Light Blue V5, Jeans Snow Jeans, V5 Grey, Cargo Jeans, V5 Blue, Cargo Jeans, V5 On Handicap, Cargo Pants, V3 SNOW, Vintage Hooded Cardigan Coat, Men’s Highview Shearling Shearling Waterproof Jacket Men’s Sheepskin Sheepskin Sheepskin sheepskin sheepskin
Shipping policies vary by country: 7-15 business days in the US, Canada, UK and Australia, 7-21 business days for rest.

What is Bioyua.com?

This online store claims to sell many of the above items. There are a few things you need to understand before buying from this online store.

Personal Information:

During the investigation, the controller called it Yin. However, it will change the address and name of the parent in the future as the sites change the address and name of the parent.

Discounts and special sales

Many items are displayed with a Brobdingnagian discount. Scam websites often offer these discounts to attract traffic.

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Product images in listings may vary. This indicates that this site has copied or duplicated images from different sites or only sells leather or products.

The different functions and themes of the website correspond to the different functions of the website.

Social network icons

Finding a social media icon related to a business oriented social media site is easy. Legitimate online stores often provide social icons that link to their social media pages, groups or profiles. Do not post on social media.

Go back and repeat

The bag delivery policy is considered very specific because there is no product or selection of products for the customers. It is understood that delivery costs are borne by the customer. The original delivery fee to the recipient is non-refundable. We believe that this online store has very limited revenue or business opportunities. These online stores have confusing return and/or exchange policies, making it nearly impossible to get your money back.

Delivery and customer complaints

According to customer complaints from online stores, the delivery time, customer service and after-sales service are very short.

Our final verdict:

All of this led the US to believe that Baiyuan was also a target.

You can write a review about the company below. You will share this review with your family and friends via your social media accounts to let them know about this online store.

Many online stores claim to offer Brobdingnagian discounts on various items, but this is often a scam. Avoid these online stores or do some research before you buy. Many of these online stores offer customers unpurchased products or offer poor quality or unreliable products. Online fraudsters can request any type of credit card from a customer, even without authorization. If a fraudulent website accuses you of fraud, notify your bank or credit card company immediately to protect your credit card information.

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