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There is a manor in a dystopian world

Creator: Morning Star LL, 晨星LL

Comparative name: 我在末世有套房

Sort: Activity, Activity, A different universe, Animation, Sentiment

There is a manor in a dystopian world

After an atomic conflict, the horrendous scene was covered with flotsam and jetsam.

As a common desert survivor, you should be ready for unending yearning, consistent dangers, nighttime zombies, and weird freak animals continually presented to radiation.

For Jiang Chen, this is heaven.

High rises, extravagance vehicles left in the city, super advanced items and gold dissipated all over the place. See Trendtouch for more data.

What? Might it be said that you were leader of a betting organization before the conflict? Might it be said that you are responsible for fostering an online multiplayer 3D computer generated experience game? OK, OK, would you like to work with me? His compensation is two portions of bread a day.

iPhone? Ultra dainty plan? Might you at any point see that the telephone I developed is more slender than a condom?

plane carrying warship? military aircraft? Gracious, I have those as well, however they’re for space battle.

Watch as Jiang Chen, who can go through reality, witness the ascent of a domain that traverses existence…

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There is a manor in a dystopian world

Zhang Chen

Jiang Chen is the hero of I Have a Royal residence in a Dystopian World.

Jiang Chen is an attractive young fellow with a solid and strong body.

As indicated by Xia Shiyun, she is most gorgeous when she is certain [1]

The person played by Jiang Chen likes to prod his better half. However he’s developed as the story advanced, he actually appreciates prodding his friends and family.

Jiang Chen says she needed to be a researcher since she was a youngster, yet she has previously passed on numerous things she learned in school to her teachers. Xia Shiyu kidded that he is presently the head of science. [two]



“I like conflict!”

“Break culture!”

“Carry the savages to acquiescence now!”

“Use your gun to bring the NAC pennant up in the focal point of the desert!”

“War-” – Jiang Chen


An Iraqi displaced person who gave Oreo treats to Jiang Chen while escaping Iraq. So she followed him and turned into his paramour/spouse.

Xiao Siyu

He was Jiang Chen’s previous manager working and the supervisor who terminated him as a result of Jiang Chen’s remarks/kids about him.

An invigorating blue haired excellence who needs to be sure. A chief loses his employment for not speaking with his subordinates.

Some time later they meet Jiang Chen once more and Jiang Chen salvages them from a debt holder and thinks that they are jobless and requests that they work for him.

Afterward, she creates affections for Jiang Chen yet can’t let him go.

Zhang Chen/Relationship


Jiang Jianruo (father) (section 42 of the book)

Li Suemei (mother) (42 books)

Zhang Lin (cousin)

endlessly adored

Renowned admirers of the cutting edge world:

Ohah Ryu (Entertainer)

Aisha (Displaced person)

Natasha (Recruit Executioner/KGB Specialist [Russia])

Xia Shiyu (Previous Director/President, Future Gathering)

Chiangsha (young lady from Japan)

Well known admirers of the prophetically calamitous world:

Gong Jiao (endurance master)

oaao – > PC Virtuoso,

Sun Shaoru (Zhao’s more established sister)

Lin Ling (previous Detainee of Mystery Narrator);

Han Junhua (Leader of Fala 027 and later military counselor to the New Asia Affiliation (NAC));

Wu Qian (previous individual from the Dental Office of Trade)

House Survey in a dystopian world

Generally excellent and worth perusing… This original comes next to me concerning my dependence on this present reality of war. accelerate end of the week refreshes; 4 parts seven days isn’t sufficient… every section is short.
Have you at any point considered what it could resemble in the event that somebody did a Chinese farce of the Aftermath series?
excessive. The creator basically takes the world’s experience from the Aftermath series and adds it to his book. Some have been revamped, however 90% of the primary stories in the Aftermath series are futile. Aftermath: Chinese version

It resembles a confidential dream of an unfortunate VIP who unexpectedly became rich and renowned while keeping a feeling of individual achievement as opposed to faulting themselves for their prosperity. As a crippled understudy, it’s enjoyable to fantasy about becoming rich, yet there’s little in this story to follow and direct the youthful highborn way of life.

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