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Georgina Mendez Hand Stuck {March 2023} Read About The Leaked Video!

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Video of Georgina Mendes with her hand closed on Twitter by Rajnahub Social media personality Georgina Mendes shared a photo of her hand closed on a door on Twitter. It happened while he was shooting a music video for his studio at Rajnahub Studios. Although the video was first posted on the LaylaHUB2 website, it quickly went viral on social media, raising concerns for Georgina’s health. We discuss the details of the case and the video version, and answer some questions about the case.

Shaking hands Georgina Mendes: Your hands are tightly clasped

Georgina Mendes has become a social media influencer in the news after a huge video of her knocking on a door surfaced on Twitter. He was filming at Rajnahub Studios, where the incident took place.

Georgina Mende’s full video on Twitter

Although the video was originally posted by LaylaHUB2, it quickly went viral on social media such as Twitter. Georgina hangs up and tries to open the door. You hear him screaming for help and screaming in pain. At the end of the video, his hand is still hanging on the door.

Georgina Medez Rajnahab: Studio Experience

Georgina was reportedly filming at Rajnahub Studios when the incident happened. He grabbed her hand as she tried to open the door. He couldn’t open the door and the studio staff tried to help him but they couldn’t. The fire brigade had to be called to extinguish the fire.

Georgina Medez LaylaHUB2: This video has been published

The video was first posted on LaylaHUB2, a site known for uploading private videos. Although the website has been shut down, the video has been shared widely on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

How did Georgina Mendes even check her hands?

  • Georgina was about to open the door of Rajnahub’s studio when her hand caught it.

can anyone help him

  • The studio staff tried in vain to help him. You must call the rockets to save your hand.

do you have old movies

  • The video was first published on the website LaylaHUB2, which is the name of the popular video channel.

Has it been removed now?

  • LaylaHUB2 has been taken offline, but the video has been shared massively on social media.

Is that Georgina Mendes?

  • There are no details about Georgina’s health after the incident.

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