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Florida Missing Lyft Driver {2023} Read About It Here!

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Gary Levine, Florida. Try not to miss Lyft drivers. Get the most recent data, point by point data and systems.

Who is the missing lift driver? When did a lift traveler last disappear? Is movement followed on the Lyft driver site? Where are Lyft drivers going wrong? What proof has been found against the suspect? Is the lift driver still alive?

A Lyft America voyaging family posted the report on Facebook. We should investigate the most recent on the missing Florida Lyft rider.

Didn’t occur:

Gary Levine (74-year-old Lyft driver and occupant of Palm Ocean side Nurseries) disappeared on Monday, January 30, 2023. He got an obscure traveler and dropped him off on the spot. in Okeechobee District. Levin met his better half for supper on Monday.

After the traveler was delivered, his cell phone ended up being turned off. Then he vanished. As per the Lyft application, the latest area is in Okeechobee Region. Levin, the Florida Lyft driver who disappeared two miles from Okeechobee Region, was found to have an additional voice on his cell phone. Human remaining parts were tracked down on Saturday, February 4, 2023.

Police asked Matthew Scott Flores:

Scott was prosecuted on January 24, 2023 for the homicide of Jose Carlos Martinez in Solid Region. Scott figures out how to escape from the police with the assistance of Stephanie Felger. Scott was captured by the police.

Scott was spotted driving a 2022 Kia Stinger claimed by Levine on Thursday night. It’s vital to comprehend how Scott got the vehicle and what he did prior to escaping.

Police captured Scott close to North Carolina as he attempted to escape from a missing Florida Lyft driver. He was taken to a nearby emergency clinic after obviously being harmed.

Scott showed up under the watchful eye of Judge Michelle McIntyre at the Rutherford Area Town hall on Friday, January 3, 2023. Scott was accused of speeding, tanked driving, leaving the police force, discharging a gun during a regular citizen preliminary, utilizing a handgun, firing a fear based oppressor and killing a subsequent individual. furthermore, leave. Police. . The following gathering is on February 22, 2023.

Scott stays in Florida on $2 million bail. Scott is 35 years of age and lives in Hendersonville, 74 miles west of Rutherford Region. Scott has run into police previously, incorporating once in October 2020. Scott is the suspect in the missing Florida Lyft driver. He was condemned to one year and seven months in North Carolina prison. It will show up in May 2022.


Human remaining parts were found two days after Scott’s capture. He couldn’t say whether Scott knew the location. Police are additionally uncertain assuming the remaining parts have a place with Levine. A demise testament is expected to affirm this. Levine’s family has asked not to be recognized as there has been no further advancement for the situation.

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