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end of magic era – All Details Here!

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Information about the end of the magical era.

Alternative: Throne of Revelation,  末法王座

Chinese language

Author(s):Zhuang Bifan 庄毕凡

Year 2013

COO Status: 1469 Chapters (Completed)

Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Drama, Melodrama

Summary of The End of the Age of Magic

The world that created the highest level of magical civilization will be destroyed.

The last survivor traveled countless years into the past when a wizarding civilization was born and countless wizards escaped from that thorny path.
The one who came from the end of time entered the Great Throne

The world inhabited by civilization at the height of magic was threatened with destruction.

When the last surviving wizarding civilization began to emerge, countless wizards were still walking the thorny paths of wizarding knowledge.

He appears at the end of the Age of Magic, trying to reach the heights of magic.

Harry Potter Wiki

Thank you Merlina.

In his first life he lived on earth. He was reborn in Nocente at the end of his life, later killed by a Dutch storm that destroyed Nocentus, and returned to Nocente 30,000 years ago in the body of a young man named Mafa Merlin.

Soul Walker (True Spirit Magic Tool): Chapter 118, Soul Architecture Expert.

Wand of Destiny (now Dragon Wand): Chapter 122

Book of Death (Extreme Magic Tool): Chapter 150

Book of Ten Thousand Spells (Exceptional Magical Artifact): Chapter 635

Ten thousand magic wheels (real magic tool created by Ling Yunyong) 336

factory level

Description of the Sword/Alchemist level of the Archer level.

1 Sorcerer’s Apprentice Alchemist’s Apprentice 1-9 You must build a ship.

2 sword mages / alchemist archers 1-9

3 Great Wizard, Great Swordsman/Great Archer? Grand Alchemist 1-9 runes per subclass and 9 total runes at Grand Wizard level.

4 Supreme Magician Expert Swordsman / Spirit Archer Master Alchemist 1-9 You need to combine 9 runes to get the Supreme Magician.

5 Archmage Holy Sword / Ghost Archer Alchemist Artisan 1-9 The Archmage had to combine a meditative state with a transference rune magic to reach the world. Archmages were forces that interacted with the laws.

6 Heavenly Sword Saint Heavenly Mage / Heavenly Saint Archer Alchemist 1-9 rich in supernatural abilities, also known as a world powerhouse.

On this level you can build your own half level.

7 Divine Fire/Spark Mage. They are like ancient gods. Can you legally create a domain?

guarantee level

1 magic apprentice

2 magic tool

3 Magic Legacy Tool – Mighty Mage

4 Great Wizard Spiritual Magic Tool

5 Archmage is a true spirit magic tool.

6 Heaven/Magupon Heavenly Realm Supernatural Magic Tool

Comments on the end of the magical period

This is a real review with details and summary. Read this.

If you want to leave a comment, visit this section. First of all, I would like to say that this novel deserves a higher rating than it currently has. Because? Because a lot of people left a one-star review, claiming that the other novel in the What Now section got more reviews. That is not right! The original novel didn’t fall apart either. The rumor was spread by a user who left hate comments and insults. Now on a business trip.

Hello Shiraishi, here is another fantasy novel.

I’m glad the novel is finally out, I’ve been working on it since I finished Night Ranger (although I’ll take it easy, it will take some time after the novel is finished). In any case, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

It is a novel with about 1400 chapters.

We apologize to all NR fans for the delay, EME was supposed to be released before the new year, but it was delayed due to some issues.

A new ending to an enchanted season

Section 1265 – Great performance and excessive cost

Section 1264 – Soils and metals

Section 1263 – Salvage and Destruction

Section 1262 – Growth and Criminals

Article 1261 – Two eyes and signs of death

Section 1260 – Astronomers and History

Section 1259 – Meeting and Hearing of Interested Parties

Section 1258 – Meetings and Organizations

Section 1257 – Dummies vs. Wizards

Section 1256 – Witches and paid

Section 1255 – Final work and exam

Section 1254 – Wardens and conflicts

Article 1253.º – Family reunification and mourning

Section 1252 – The Draconian Family and the Marrow of Life

Section 1251 – Assault and Excursions

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